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Durham Chamber of Commerce – The Brunch Series


This Saturday, August 19, the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a

series of events, the first one called: Vibez: the Brunch Series. These events are designed to bridge people together, like most networking events, in this case, the idea is to bring entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, local business owners, patrons and other professionals together to celebrate, collaborate and encourage entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship, probably one of the most popular words these days, yet the question remains: How does someone encourage entrepreneurship? Is that even possible? While freelancers (solopreneurs, etc.) now make up 35% of the U.S workforce (55 million freelancers last year*), the question is still a valid one and while it might not be easy for some to make the jump from employee to a “preneur” (in fact I have personally seen people struggling with this for a long time unable to make the jump), there are a few things someone who’s on the fence can do to ease these concerns: consult with an expert.

An expert can help, to a certain extent, reduce the concerns and worries about going into business while steering you away from some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions people might have or make when they’re brand new in the business world. What are those concerns?

You guessed it, money.

Capital or lack of funding is one of the biggest concerns for entrepreneurs and rightfully so. Where would the money come from to launch my business? How much would it take and how long would I have to wait? Should I take a loan? Should I talk to venture capitalists and if so how do I do that? There are so many questions that can hold people back from taking that first step so getting the right piece of advice from the beginning when it comes to finances can be golden.

The second largest hesitation people have before starting a business is how they will find customers? How are they going to keep business running if business is new and very few know about it? What’s the best marketing strategy out there? Will social media work for them? And how much time and money will they have to invest in marketing efforts? Will it be worth?

This is one of the main goals for the chamber to put this event together, it will put you in direct line with accountants, financial advisors and ultimately experts in a specific field that will help you make informed decisions or at least point at the right direction.

This event in particular offers “speed consulting” where you get to bounce ideas and questions with an expert on a 15-minute consulting session. Sounds good?

Remember this, you can start a business all by yourself, but you don’t need to stay in business all by yourself.

SEO Durham will be there on Saturday offering our SEO services and to answer any questions you might have.

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We hope to see you all there!

Priscilla Wood