I love being on the second page of Google.
​​-Nobody ever.

If you’re heartbroken over being ignored on the second page of Google, we get it.


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​Most SEO people think they know SEO, we specialize in the unknown.

​Hey, it’s Priscilla from: i2iSeoConsulting.com

So what’s the secret? There’s no secret sauce, only high level of work and d.e.d.i.c.a.t.i.o.n. I have this down to a science.

The bottom line is this: My stuff works. As a result, my clients’ pockets get fat fast.

If you’re thinking, “Oh, good for you…”
… Here’s why I’m telling you this:
If you’re like me – if you demand fast, not slow; more, not less – I know I can help.

Tell you what: I bet you an email I can get you unstuck.

Want to take me up on it?

Head on over to: i2iSEOConsulting.com and enter your website and email so I can give you a behind-the-scenes peak inside your website and your competition.


Even better, I’ll show you how to beat them (Shhh, don’t tell ’em). I think you’ll dig the video.


TLTR: We rank websites; you can’t lose.

See you over there,


Priscilla @ i2iSEOConsulting

Bobby H.

Bobby H. Business Owner

"Nice working with Priscilla, she definitely brought in more leads with her SEO service."

Phil Mauriello Jr.

Phil Mauriello Jr. CEO, Cha-ching Media Inc

"Having worked in the field myself, Priscilla is a true professional. Her experience and dedication to delivering results is hard to find in the SEO field. She truly cares about the businesses she helps and her results back her up."

Bill Hess

Bill Hess Online Business Owner

"Priscilla was very talented and pleasant to work with. She was generous with her time and left no stone unturned to finished the job to my satisfaction."